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The True Value of Life Insurance Coverage

Why Do People Buy Life Insurance?

  • One of the main life insurance uses is to cover debt obligation
  • Because one day you will Die, at an old age or unexpectedly.
  • Have a life insurance policy separate from your employers’ coverage is a smart financial decision.
  • 3 in 10 husbands and wives have only group life insurance coverage. WHICH ENDS WHEN THE JOB ENDS, due to retirement, getting fired, Employer downsizing, your life insurance coverage benefit stays with the employer. You are now uninsured and maybe uninsurable.

Types of Life Insurance

When many people think of life insurance policies, they usually don’t think of all the types of life insurance available today.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a relatively simple plan. The policy will be active for a specific amount of time, or term. You will pay premiums during this term and the policy will only pay a death benefit if the insured death is during the policy term period. Term life insurance is the most inexpensive form of life insurance.

Term life insurance would work well for 1) Newlyweds with debt, 2) buying your first home (it protects the risk of losing your home to the bank due to foreclosure, it can protect the need for your family to file bankruptcy due to overwhelming debt, if an income is lost due to death) pay off the mortgage and reduce debt. 3) Getting married and starting a family.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is designed to provide coverage on the insured for the insured's entire life as long as premiums are paid and the policy has not been surrendered. Its permanent life insurance coverage that last as long as you do, over time it builds cash value, the premium never change and the coverage amount never change. It helps protect our family.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is type of permanent life insurance offering the low-cost protection of term life insurance as well as a savings element, which is invested to provide a cash value buildup. Universal life insurance, also commonly referred to as a “UL” policy, is a form of life insurance that offers flexible premiums, a level or increasing death benefit, and a tax-deferred investment opportunity to the insured.

There are two main types of permanent life insurance: Whole life insurance - Caters to long-term goals by offering consumers consistent premiums and guaranteed cash value accumulation. Universal life insurance - Gives consumers flexibility in the premium payments, death benefits and the savings element of their policy. Which is better, talk with an Insurance Corner life insurance specialist today call or apply online.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Let’s get a clear understand where this term Guaranteed issue can from it was first used in health insurance to describe a situation where a policy is offered to any eligible applicant without regard to health status.

Today there are a few name associated with Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance. 1) Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, 2) Graded Benefit, 3) Modified Life, 4) Final Expense Guaranteed Issue, which are permanent life insurance policy wrapped in a different life insurance policy form, that offers most individual the opportunity to have life insurance coverage.

  • No medical exam, no health questions
  • You lock-in a guaranteed rate for life
  • Your policy premiums never go up and benefits never go down
  • Your policy builds cash value and help cover final expenses

Graded Benefit Whole Life is a permanent life insurance policy designed for individuals who are in less-than-perfect health. The Graded Benefit Whole Life plan allows someone who may not normally qualify for insurance coverage to purchase a permanent plan of insurance.

How does a Modified Life Insurance policy work? Modified life insurance death benefit policy usually have a 2-year waiting period before the entire death benefit is paid to a beneficiary. Modified life insurance usually is associated with Final Expense Insurance, and for individual with health conditions that’s not acceptable for other life insurance policy types.

The True Value of Life Insurance Coverage

Family matters secure their future with life insurance, what life insurance can do

  • Pay off home balance
  • Debt obligation, car loans, student loans, business loans, credit cards
  • Family plan coverage one policy on all family members
  • Final expenses, funeral services
  • Protect dual income family loss income needed for the family to survive
  • Living cash benefit for Life threating critical illness or disease
  • Return of premium
  • Protect your insurability from unexpected health issues
  • Making a charitable contribution

Life Insurance Facts

  • It’s sad to say one day you will die, unless you’re immortal, you need life insurance are you ready?
  • Life insurance premium are lower the younger you are, you can get more coverage for less
  • Smokers pay more for life insurance than non-smokers
  • 7 our 10 households have dual incomes, the loss of one income makes a difference
  • 4 in 10 American households are uninsured
  • Health & Age are factors that influence life insurance premium

Employers insurance, it is great when you have an employer that offers insurance benefits

What happen when your employment Ends, you are now uninsured?

  • Employer downsizes
  • You retire, remember you’re older now
  • You decide to start a business
  • Your health condition has change over the years, now there a health wellness factor to consider
  • Don’t’ wait!

Don’t wait to start your independent life insurance coverage, it’s a smart financial decision. We are passionate about assisting family, individual and businesses with finding modern day life insurance coverage benefits apply online or call 281-448-6677 our agency we offer life insurance solution for any type of insurance needs.

“A person dies without adequate life insurance should have to come back and see the mess they created” Will Rogers

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There are many separate decisions to be made within just a few hours after a death in the family. A life insurance plan will free your loved ones from the financial worry over final expenses by providing your beneficiary with H.E.L.P (HURRIED EMERGENCY LIFE PAYMENT) when they need it most! Take with an Insurance Corner life insurance professional today call or apply online.